Returning Books?

Just a couple things to remember when returning your books. 1) log into your account and print off a packing slip. Place that packing slip inside the front cover of one of your books, and drop them off at the bookstore. The bookstore cashier will know what to do with your returned books. Even if your books were delivered right to your door instead of the bookstore, return them to the bookstore and your account will be cleared.

Tracking Books?

Usually within 48 hours of ordering your books, you'll receive an email with tracking information. This same information can always be found inside your account as well. If you ordered multiple books, it's possible you will receive more than one package, and more than one tracking number.

Highlighting and Writing?

Can you? Absolutely. Just be respectful and please don't destroy the learning experience for the next renter.

Will my book have the CD or Access Code?

Sorry, supplements can't be guaranteed. You may be the 2nd or 3rd person renting this book, and supplements could be used up. Please check with your professor to see if the supplement is actually necessary. If it is, oftentimes, you can purchase the supplement separately in the bookstore or online.

I need to keep my book longer than my rental period. What do I do?

No problem. You can login to your account and choose the "extend my rental period" option. Once there, you can choose to extend for 15 or 30 days, or re-rent the book for an additional term at a sweetly discounted price.

What's the grace period?

At no cost to you, we've incorporated a 15 day grace period into every rental. You have 15 days beyond the due date to have your books dropped off at the bookstore without incurring any extension fees. The grace period does not apply to rental extensions.

Shipping Timeframe?

At checkout, you'll have a couple different shipping options. Once your order is processed, it will arrive within the shipping timeframe you choose during checkout. Your tracking number will also keep you up to date on the shipping progress of your books.

Purchasing Books?

If you decide you want to keep a book, rather than returning it, simply login to your account, and choose the "buy and keep my books" option. You'll be taken through checkout and charged the difference between the rental price already paid, and the purchase price of the book. For example, if you paid $45 to rent a book that cost $95, you'd only be charged $50 and the book will be yours to keep.

How do I get ahold of customer service?

Easy. Call 855-855-1185, or email

We guarantee that you will recieve the quoted price for your textbooks(s) as long as they are postmarked within 7 days.
New Textbook Substitution
If a used book is not available for a particular title, you choose whether you would like us to substitute a new book (at the new book price), or cancel your order for that book.
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